Dearest Community – Welcome!

We create a space. Together.

Summer Camp Inspirit is a week of living together, introducing and integrating transformational work into our lives. There’s indoor and outdoor activities for both adults and children – all held in a conscious, drug & alcohol free space.

Crew members prepare the frame and the space, but EVERYONE who comes is invited to contribute and co-create – either on a practical level, with music & art, or by offering workshops & sessions.

⊹ pause ⊹ open hearts ⊹ feel the aliveness ⊹ play ⊹ explore something new ⊹ spark joy ⊹ meet yourself ⊹ experience community ⊹ create awareness ⊹

We invite you to join us ♡

Friday 28th July – Friday 4th August 2023 | Wildenava, Loket, CZ

We love…

Creating an open, experiential, and emergent space where like-minded people can come together – to connect deeply with themselves & others, explore new ideas & practices, grow, expand, and transform together.

We are so looking forward to facilitating a week-long space that emphasises authenticity, compassionate processing of emotions, and conscious sexuality.

Our Vision for Summer Camp Inspirit:

Opening a conscious, experimental space for daring to go deep, to connect, expand, experience and bring it into the world. Together with the Higher Awareness that you are part of something bigger. 

What type of Transformational Work?

Summer Camp Inspirit includes systemic family constellations, shamanic healing & conscious touch. The Core Crew members have completed various trainings and design the programme to combine both their own and participant offers.

workshops – rituals – healing sessions – sharing circles – touch – meditations – nature immersion – art – music – creative expression – community living

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Reflections from past participants:

“This work is giving me both the softness and the strength to take care of myself. It is supporting me to dive whole-heartedly into my life – no matter what.”

“It has taught me the real meaning of authenticity. It has taught me to embrace life with all that it brings and now I am learning to dance with it all.”

Everything seems to be an opportunity to grow; and stepping out of my comfort zone is becoming more & more part of daily life.”

“It has been like changing the lenses through which I see the world; like lifting a dusty veil and suddenly seeing things clearly. I am gently waking up to all the gifts in my life.”

Take a look inside…

Here’s a Preview video of what can be experienced and how this festival can make you feel

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